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About Me

Here's some cool stuf you probably don't know about me!

Hay my name is Zac! I'm 13 years old, and I go to school at AMMS in FL. I love hanging out with my friends, working on this site, and playing N64, GameBoy Advance, and playing with LEGO's.

Shout outs: Wassup Greg? How's Chansey Stephen? Hay Greg P. What' happing? Chirstine isn't this a good web-site? Kevin how's racing? & A big Wassup to all my internet bud's!

Zac's13th Birthday Party

My friends, Stephen, Kevin, Christine, Alicia, my sister Heather, and I at my 13th Birthday Party.

My 12th Birthday Party

My friends Stephen, Kevin, Adam, Greg, my Dad, my Sister Heather and, I at my 12th Birthday Party.


My dog, Missy.

Favorite Stuff

Here are some of my fav. things

Fav. TV Shows:
Pokemon & DBZ
Fav. Movie:
Jrasic Park
Fav. Book:
Harry Potter 4
Fav. Hobbies:

Favorite Quotes

Snorlax is the best everyone knows that!