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Snorlaxative! Happy New Year!

Welcome to Snorlaxative!

This web-site is devoted to Pokemon. I'll have the latest news about anything Pokemon! This is your #1 site to check for the latest Pokemon info! I'll update this site frequently, (Probably once every day) so make sure to check back often.

Contact me and tell me what you think! Please tell your friends about Snorlaxative!

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What's New?

Pokemon News


1/02/02 The official Pokemon Center website is up for the brand new Pokemon Center in New York City! It's a great website where you can order exclusive merchandise strait from the Pokemon Center! Pokemon Mini, the brand new handheld video game system, is also available! You can get up to three games for your Pokemon Mini system. You can chose from one of three different colors for your Pokemon Mini. Blue, purple, and green are all available! Check out Pokemon by clicking the link below.

1/02/01 A new contact bar has been added in the "Contact Me" section, so you can easily IM me on AIM, add me to your buddy list, join my chat room, or e-mail me. I hope you find the bar very convent, and please tell me what you think about Snorlaxative!

Happy New Years 2002!

*12/31/01 - 1/01/2002* Five, Four, Three, Two, One! Oh it's not New Years Eve of 2001 any more! Happy New Year 2002! I wish you and your friends and family a happy and healthy 2002! Be sure to make Snorlaxative and Pokemon a big part of your new year!

* 12/31/01 (Well 12/25/01) * Merry Christmas! I know its a little late! Anyway did you have a great Christmas? Did you get what you wanted from Santa, and his Delibird, (well you know them as Elfs)? From GameBoy Advance to GameCube, I hope you got whatever you wished for! As you can see Snorlaxative is decked out for the holidays! Snorlaxative will now have a theme all most every month. Look out for Januarys theme of New Years! Some of the layout of Snorlaxative is also being changed for the better so that it will look as nice as it is informative! Come back soon for updates, and have a happy holiday!

9/14/01 Four days ago on September 11th, 2001 a terrible event happened. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were both hit by hijacked planes. Each of the towers were hit, and then latter collapsed. Terrorist also attacked the Pentagon, which is the United State's headquarters for the Department of Defense, by crashing into it with another plane full of passengers. Yet another plane was hijacked by terrorist, and crashed right outside Pittsburg.

* Please give a moment of silence for all of those that were kill by any of these horrible events, and for there family, friends, and relatives that where affected both physically and emotionally. *

I would like to give my sympathy to those who are grieving for loved ones, and to all of those who lost their lives. Remember to put out your American Flags, and light a candle!

Nintendo GameCube

9/14/01 Today in Japan is a great day indeed! The long awaited Nintendo GameCube was released today! Along with the best system to date, three new games were also released! They were "Luigi's Mansion", "Wave Race: Blue Storm", and "Monkey Ball"! I cant wait until GameCube comes to the US on November 18th!


8/31/01 Apopka, a small city in Central Florida, (the area that I live in) have become the US Little League US Champs! Congregations to every one on the team for doing an exceptional job! Apopka made it all the way to the Little League World Series Game, and lost only to Tokyo, Japan, "Land of the rising sun"! Great job guys!!!

8/12/01 Today is the last day of Summer! Yes, that's right Summer! Tomorrow I will go back to school, and meet my new teachers. This has been an awesome Summer packed full of updates, and news! It was great while it lasted, but there should be lots of updates this Fall! I had a great Pokemon Summer, and I hope you did to!

Pokemon E Card Reader Celebi promo

8/12/01 In Space World this month in Japan, you will be able to test out the Pokemon Card E Reader! It will be located in the GameBoy Advance Game Experience Corner of Space World! If you try out the Pokemon Card E Reader you will get a special Celebi Card E Pokemon TCG card that you will be able to scan on the Pokemon Card E Reader! Just a few weeks until you will get to experience Space World!

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