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Are you ready, for an over-freeze?

Pokemon Crystal box

What's Pokemon Crystal? Pokemon Crystal came out in Japan in 12/14/00 and the Mobile Adaptor GB, came out 1/23/01. It will come out here in the us July 30th 2001! Pokemon Crystal has a picture of Suicune on the box. In this new Pokemon game you can choose between a Boy and a Girl Pokemon traner. This was an atempt to atract new female Pokemon fans. Now when you enter a battle you'll see your Pokemon in a new animated sequence. Each character has it's own unique animated sequence. This makes battling a fun new experience, instead of the old boring one. This game is a new type of GameBoy game, that's played over the wireless internet using Mobile Adaptor GB. You plug the adaptor into your GameBoy and your cell phone, so you can now have a Pokemon battle accross the internet. This game is the equivalent of Pokemon Yellow to Red and Blue. Pokemon Crystal is the special edition Gold and Silver. So far in Japan Pokemon Crystal has sold over a million copies, and is already one of the top selling games. This great new game will hopfuly be out in the US some time this summer.


Pokemon Battle animated sequence

This is a Japanes digram on how a Pokemon will look when anitmated in a battle. This is what Cyndaquil will look durning a battle.

The New female Pokemon Trainer

This is a pic of the new female Pokemon Trainer.

Pokemon Crystal

Espeon and  the Pokemon Crystal logo