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A shocking Pikachu special edition of Pokemon!

Pokemon Special Pikachu Edition logo

Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow is a special edition of Pokemon Red and Blue! It's based on the Pokemon TV show. Your starting Pokemon is now Pikachu. Team Rocket now look more like they do on the TV show, and Pikachu refuses to evolve. Pikachu fallows you around and you have a chance to catch all three starting Pokemon. Pokemon Yellow is a improved version of Red and Blue. Pokemon Yellow has a picture of Pikachu on the front. Each Pokemon you catch now has a new entree in the Pokedex and a new picture to go along with it. Pikachu also has mood. This means you can see if Pikachu is happy, sad, or mad. Different things change Pikachu's mood. For example, Pikachu gets happy when you use him in a battle. If you get a Pikachu that knows surf you can play a special surfing mini game! Pokemon Yellow is a great game that you should catch as soon as you can! You can also catch a special edition Pokemon Yellow GameBoy Color bundle!

Happy Pikachu and surfing Pikachu mini game screen shots from Pokemon Yellow

Pikachu in a happy mood, and Pikachu in the surfing Pikachu mini.

Special Edition Pokemon Yellow GameBoy Color

The Special Edition Pokemon Yellow GameBoy Color.