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Pokemon Gold/Silver
Pokemon Gold/Silver

Two great games staring 100 new Pokemon!

Pokemon Gold and Silver

Pokemon Gold is a follow up of Red, and Blue verison. The Gold and Silver verisons are the first to be made for GameBoy Color. These two new games have 100 new species of Pokemon! The two verisons made there debut in the US on 10/15/00. They are now one of the best selling games on the market. Pokemon Gold has pic of Ho-Oh on the front. Ho-Oh is one of the new Pokemon featured in Pokemon Gold. He was in the first episode of Pokemon seen flying over a rainbow.


Pokemon Silver, much like Gold in many way's, has a picture of Luga on the front. This legnadary Pokemon is said to be the fourth legnadary bird. Luga's first aperance was in Pokemon2000. There is a legand when you have found all legnadary birds, and united them, a fourth will rise out of the ocean. Pokemon Silver, along with Gold were the first Pokemon games to be made for the GameBoy Color. With stuning graphics, Pokemon Gold and Silver would be the best out of the quin.