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Past Pokemon News

News you might have missed!

August 2001

Celebi Coro Coro Magazine jumbo promo

8/12/01 A Celebi Jumbo promo card was released with September's issue of Coro Coro magazine! The Celebi card is a Jumbo card because it's bigger than normal Pokemon TCG cards, and can't be used in a Pokemon TCG match.

8/8/01 A new Pokemon tour, Pokmon Fun Fest, is coming to Six Flags theme parks across the US! If you bring your Pokemon Gold, Silver, or Crystal game pack to the Pokemon tour at a Six Flags theme park, you will have a chance to catch Celebi! You will also be able to play the Pokemon TCG and go head-to-head in a Pokemon battle on your Pokemon game pack! There will be random play action in the game play area, you can see the Lugia and Pikachu cars, and best of all, you can take a picture with Pikachu!

Southern Island Pokemon card set

8/8/01 A new Pokemon TCG gift set was released, and this time the Pokemon are from Southern Islands! The Southern Islands set includes 18 cards, 6 of which are reverse holo, 6 Southern Island postcards, 3 booster packs from previous sets, and 9-up card sleeves! That's a lot of Pokemon cards for one gift set, I can't wait to get my hands on it!

July 2001

Happy Birthday Zac, 2001!

7/25/01 =) 13 years ago, today I was born! Today I'm finally 13 years old, a teenager! To celebrate my Birthday, I added a picture from my 13th Birthday Party, and a picture of my cute dog Missy in the About Me section!

Pokemon Vs Lapras promo

7/20/01 Pokemon Vs cards came out yesterday in Japan, and another promo, Pryce's Lapras, was released along with a Pokemon Vs poster! How many Pokemon Vs promos does that make in all?

Super Smash Bros. movie preview

7/20/01 A small trailer for Super Smash Bros. Melee was shown at the end of Pokemon 4 the Movie, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter. The trailer showed loads of footage of Pokemon. I can't wait until Super Smash Bros. Melee is released!

Pokemon Vs Raichu promo

7/14/01 A new Pokemon Vs promo, Raichu, was released and it's part of a new promo set in Japan! As you can see Jasmine is located in the trainer spot. This means that the Raichu is hers.

Hoppip promo

7/14/01 Promos are being released like crazy in Japan, and Hoppip is one of them! Hoppip has a new picture than the Neo 2 version, but it has the same stats. The newest Japanese Pokemon Card comic book, which will be released on July 23rd, and sold for 429 Yen, will include the new Hoppip!

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge box

7/12/01 Today I added a new Pokemon Puzzle Challenge section! It has loads of info about the challenging puzzler for GameBoy Color! Check it out now under the menu bar!

Pokemon Vs Team Rocket's Sneasel promo

7/12/01 Even more Pokemon Vs promos are poping up in Japan! Team Rocket's Sneasel promo will be in Coro Coro Magisine this month! The Team Rocket's Sneasel promo has a 3D picture of Sneasel with a trainer from Team Rocket in the background. This sure is a cool looking card!

7/12/01 Pokemon Crystal now has it's own official site at The new web-site has a "Ruins of Alph Sweepstakes" which starts July 15th! If your the lucky Grand Prize Winner you will win a trip to Cancun, Mexico to see the ancient Mayan city of Tulum! 1st Place Winner will win a Pokemon Survival Kit, and 2nd Place Winner will win a copy of Pokemon 3 The Movie on VHS!

Click here to check out!

Super Smash Bros. Melee

7/11/01 I found an awesome new preview of Super Smash Bros. Melee on! To view the preview click below! You can also download it in the downloads section!

Click here to view Super Smash Bros. Melee Preview 3

Pokemon Vs Tropical Present Trainer promo

7/10/01 A brand new Pokemon Vs Trainer promo was released in Japan! The new Trainer card, "Tropical Present" features Snorlax, Hoppip, Squirtle, Chikorita, and Charmander. It also has a Ho-Oh firework with other fireworks in the background. What a nice looking card!

7/10/01 Pokemon 4 the Movie, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter came out in theaters last Saturday, and a 15-second movie trailer was shown at the end of the movie for Pokemon 5 the Movie! It was rumored that Pokemon 4 the Movie, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter was going to be the last Pokemon movie in the series, but that was proven wrong by producers! Pokemon 4 the Movie, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter set box-office records last weekend in Japan! I can't wait until the two new movies come out in the US!

7/10/01 In Japan, Pokemon Crystal is the 8th best selling game of the week, of June 25, selling an astonishing 19,160 copies! Since it was released, Pokemon Crystal has sold a total of 1,606,717 copies! Pokemon Stadium Gold/Silver is also doing well, earning 15th best selling game of the week, selling 18,640 copies! Pokemon Stadium Gold/Silver has now sold a total of 653,917 copies since it was released! Pokemon is sure doing great in Japan!

Pokemon Vs Hoeruko promo

7/10/01 Yet, another Pokemon Vs promo has been spotted in Japan, and this time it's Hoeruko, the new whale like Pokemon! I wonder if we'll see a Luriri (the last of the three new Pokemon) promo sometime soon? We'll just have to wait and see!

Pokemon 4 the Movie, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter background preview

7/8/01 Pokemon has added a new puzzle for Pokemon 4 the Movie, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter. Once you solve the puzzle you earn a special background for you computer from the new Pokemon Movie! If you want the wallpaper you can download it in the downloads section, or you can try the puzzle!

7/8/01 Pokemon Vs cards will be pre-sold at the two Pokemon Centers in Japan! The Pokemon Centers will start selling Pokemon Vs cards on July 11, which is eight days earlier than it will be sold anywhere else in Japan!

7/6/01 A new rule for the Pokemon TCG was released. Since the Pokemon Vs cards have a different back than the current cards, a rule was created so you could mix them in a deck! The rule states that you have to combine 30 Pokemon Vs cards with 10 energy cards, 10 trainer cards, and 10 pokemon cards from previous sets. The Pokemon Vs theme decks contain 30 cards instead of the usual 60 for the purpose of combining other sets.

7/5/01 Kakureon, the new chameleon like Pokemon, has made it's debut on the Pokemon TV show! You can preview a clip of Kakureon below. You can also download it in the downloads section!

Click here to preview a clip of Kakureon from the Pokemon TV show!

Happy 4th of July 2001 from Snorlaxative!

*7/4/01* Happy 4th of July 2001 for all of you who live in the good old US of A!!! To think that 225 years ago the United States became a country! To celebrate I've added lot's of updates! Today is a day to relax, watch the fire works and have a picnic! Snorlaxative! would like to wish you a Happy 4th of July 2001!!!*

7/4/01 Don't you love the new "Snorlaxative!" logo? Would you like to be able to see it whenever you want? Now there's a "Snorlaxative!" background for your computer! The background boast the brand new "Snorlaxative!" logo on it! Download it now in the Downloads section!

Pikachu, and Hitmontop promos

7/4/01 Two more promos have been released here in the US, Hitmontop and, Pikachu! The Pikachu is actually a Snap Pikachu, because the picture is from Pokemon Snap! You can get both the Pikachu and Hitmontop from the Pokemon TCG League.

Pokemon Vs Kakureon promo

7/4/01 An additional Pokemon Vs promo card has been discovered in Japan and, this time it's a brand new Pokemon! Kakureon one of the new Pokemon that will be in Pokemon 4 the Movie, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter! Kakureon will be released in July with Pokemon 4 the Movie, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter!

Pokemon Vs Scizor promo

7/3/01 Another Pokemon Vs promo, Scizor, is going to be released on on July 13th! You can see the Gym Leader in the background behind the Scizor.

Nippon Airlines Pokemon Vs Lavitar, and Pikachu promos

7/3/01 Two Pokemon Vs promos, Pikachu and, Larvitar, will be released July 13th! If you take a inland flight aboard All Nippon Airlines (ANA) between July 13th and September 30th you will receive the two promos!

Pokemon Vs theme decks

Pokemon Vs Tyranitar promo, and the back of a Pokemon Vs card

7/3/01 A new pokemon TCG expansion is sure to change the way the we look at a Pokemon card! Pokemon Vs, a brand new expansion that contains Pokemon from the G/S Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, will be released in Japan on July 19th, 2001! The new cards will a contain dot based barcode for use with the Pokemon Card E Reader for GameBoy Advance on the left and bottom of the card! The cards will also feature a first edition symbol in the lower right hand corner. The head of the Gym Leader will now be were the set symbol was located and, the set symbol has been moved to the lower left hand corner. The back of the card has also changed. Instead of saying Pocket Monsters it now says Pokemon. The back also has a new design. Finally the picture of the Pokemon on the card has been curved and the cards are now numbered. I say this is a great new look for Pokemon Cards!

June 2001

6/29/01 Nintendo is giving you a chance to win one of 251 Celebi's for your Pokemon game pack! You can either enter to win through Nintendo Power or on!

Click here to enter to win a Celebi!

Unown J promo

6/29/01 A new Pokemon TCG card promo, Unown J, will come with Pokemon 3 the Movie on video and DVD! Pokemon 3 the Movie will be released sometime this August.

6/28/01 Snorlaxative now has a great new and improved logo! With more color and, a 3D effect the new logo is sure to make the whole web-site look better! Check it out at the top of the page!

Special edition Pokemon Center Celebi GameBoy Advance box

Special edition Pokemon Center Celebi GameBoy Advance

6/23/01 On July 20th a new special edition Pokemon Center GameBoy Advance will be released in Japan! It is metallic green and will feature Celebi to the left and right of the GameBoy Advance logo. Just like the last Pokemon Center GameBoy Advance, the Celebi GameBoy Advance will be able to change color in the light. The new GameBoy Advance goes along with the theme for Pokemon the 4th Movie: Celebi A Timeless Encounter which comes out July 7th in Japan. It will cost 9800 Yen, which is about $80 in the US. I hope it will come out here in the US!

Special edition Pokemon Center Suicune GameBoy Advance with the box

6/23/01 The two Pokemon Centers in Japan released a special edition Suicune GameBoy Advance. The new GameBoy Advance is metallic blue and changes colors in the light just like the special edition Pokemon GS GameBoy Color. It features Pikachu and Pichu right next to the GameBoy Advance logo. It has a Pokemon Crystal theme and the box features the legendary Pokemon Suicune. The special edition GameBoy Advance was released at the same time as the other three GameBoy Advance units.

6/18/01 Today I added a new Pokemon E Card Reader section! I had been working on it for the last few weeks and now it's done! The Pokemon E Card Reader is sure to revolutionize the Pokemon TCG as we know it, for the better! Check it out for yourself on the menu bar! So far this sure is a great summer!

May 2001

Super Smash Bros. Melee

5/29/01 A new sequel to Super Smash Bro. was found at E3! The new game called Super Smash Bro. Melee, will be featured on the stunning GameCube. New characters such as Princess Peach, and Bowser from Super Mario Bro., Shiek from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and the Ice Climbers from Ice Climber for NES where introduced along with old favorites Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Ness, Captain Falcon, Fox, Samus, Pikachu, and Link. There are tons of new items and new moves. There are also new modes including tournaments where up to 64 players can battle it out, new camera controls and an option to take snapshots. With much much more, Super Smash Bro. Melee is truly a work of art. Below are some previews of Super Smash Bro. Melee and you can also download them in the downloads section.

Click here to view Super Smash Bros. Melee Preview

Click here to view Super Smash Bros. Melee Preview 2

5/27/01 Nintendo anounced at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) heald in LA, that Game Cube will be released November 5th, just in time for the holidays!

Snorlaxative wishes you to have a Pokemon Summer!

5/23/01 Ya, Schools out!!! That means it's summer! Snorlaxative will be updated more frequently sence I don't have any homework, probably once or twice a day! (maby even more!) You have lots to look forward to this summer at Snorlaxative! Snorlaxative would like to wish you to have a great Pokemon Summer!

The US Pokemon Crystal box

5/23/01 This is what the box for the US version of Pokemon Crystal will look like. It looks awesome!

Pokemon Crystal to be released here in the US!

5/2/01 Pokemon Crystal was originally scheduled for a September release date here in the US, but now Nintendo has moved it to July 30th! Finally the US will get to experience Pokemon Crystal! The genral retail price will be $34.95, definitely worth it! I can't wait!

April 2001

Neo Discovery

4/17/01 "Neo Discovery" the newest Pokemon TCG expansion will be released this June in the US. The expansion set includes two theme decks "Brain Wave" and "Wallop" as shown. I can't wait!

Pokemon Best Collection 2 CD

4/16/01 "Pokemon Best Collection 2," a new Pokemon CD was released within the week of April 2nd. This new CD is sequel to "Pokemon Best Collection." The CD contains songs featured on the Japanese TV show. The CD also includes stickers with pictures of different Pokemon sitting atop musical notes. I wonder if a sequel to "2 B A Pokemon Master" will come out here in the US. We will just have to wait and find out!

Have a Happy Easter from Snorlaxative!

4/15/01 Have a very Happy Easter! Did you get a visit from the Easter Bunny? Did you have a Togepi, I mean Eastar egg hunt? I hope your Easter was as good as mine!

Neo 4, To the Light, and Dark

4/7/01 The release of Neo 4, To the Light and Dark, is growing closer for Japan. This is a poster with the new Kind Wigglytuff, and Dark Haunter cards. It also includes a Neo 4 booster pack.

Pokemon 3, The Movie

4/6/01 Pokemon 3, the Movie came out today! I saw it, and what an awesome movie it was! The plot is great and it's better than the last two movies! You will love it! Go and see it today!

March 2001

Pokemon Stadium 2 box

3/28/01 Pokemon Stadium 2 was released today! I can't wait to play it. To preview the game click below! The game play and the graphics look a little better that the first Pokemon Stadium! Or if you want to you can download the preview in the downloads section.

Click here to view the Pokemon Stadium 2 Preview!

3/13/01 Finally a look at Pokemon 4 the Movie, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter, with The Pokemon 4 the Movie Trailer! Though it might be Japanese it's still great to watch, with a close up of Celebi and a first look at two of the three new Pokemon! Click below to view it or go to the Downloads section to download it!

Click here to view the Pokemon 4 the Movie Trailer Now!

Kakureon, one of three new Pokemon!

3/12/01 Kakureon, is the last of all new three Pokemon I will release. I think Kakureon is a Chameleon Pokemon. That's it for the new Pokemon. More news will be on the way shortly.

Luriri, one of three new Pokemon!

3/11/01 This is the second of the three new Pokemon I will release. This Pokemon looks like a pre-evolution of Marill. I think Luriri is actilly really small.

Hoeruko, one of three new Pokemon!

3/10/01 General Producer of Pokemon, Tsunekazu Ishihara, has released three new Pokemon who will be in Pokemon 4 the Movie, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter! They will also be in the new Pokemon game for Game Boy Advance! Hoeruko is the first of three new Pokemon! He looks like a whale Pokemon.

The Pokemon Stadium 2 game pack

3/9/01 The Pokemon Stadium 2 game pack now has the same colors used on the Pokemon Gold and Silver games for Game Boy. This is one of the most colorful games for Nintendo 64!

3/8/01 Have a fun Spring Break! I'll be in the FL Key's for four days and I won't be able to update the site, but when I get back I'll update the News and probily part of Snorlaxative! See you soon.

New Pokemon GameBoy Color

3/7/01 Today the New Pokemon Game Boy Color was released! It has a new casing that changes from Gold to Silver in the light. It also has Pikachu and Pichu. I can't wait to get it!

Neo 4 "Darkness and Light"

3/6/01 Neo 4 is going to be released on April 6, 2001 in Japan. The new expansion deck will be called "Darkness and Light". I can't wait intel it comes out here in the US!

Windows on GameBoy Advanced?

3/5/01 Windows on Game Boy Advanced? I found this pic on the internet. Could this be true? We'll just have to wait and find out what Nintendo has in store for us. Maby
I'll be able to check my e-mail on a Game Boy Advanced in the near future.

3/4/01 Sometime in May, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) will release Neo Discovery, a new expansion set! I can't wait.

Pokemon the 3rd Movie, Entei promo

3/3/01 Wow! This is the new Entei Pokemon TCG promo that you get for seing Pokemon the 3rd Movie. Plus members of the Pokemon Trading Card Game League will be eligible to recive a reverse-holographic Pichu! I belive it's the one that was released in the Neo 2 Japanese nine card promo set. This is one of the reasons you should join the Pokemon TCG League.

Pokemon Live now in Japan!

3/2/01 Pokemon Live will now be featured in Japan! The live show newly named "Pokemon the Musical" will be proformed in Aoyama Theater, Japan. The admission is around 3000 Yen which is about $25.00 US dollars. Pokemon the Musical will premier on April 7,2001.

Pokemon 3 the Movie

3/1/01 Pokemon the 3rd Movie "Spell of the Unown" will be relesed in movie theaters April 6, 2001! With every ticket you purchese you will be givien a Entei promo Neo Genesis Pokemon Trading Card.

February 2001

2/28/01 I'm working on adding a GIF section to Snorlaxative! You'll be able to see most of you favorite Pokemon in moving action.

Happy 5th Birthday Pikachu!

2/17/01 Happy Birthday Pokemon! Pokemon has been in Japan ever since 1996. Pokemon is now five years old. I hope it will stay in the US for that long!

Happy Valentines day from Snorlaxative!

2/14/01 Happy Valentines Day! Did you give a valentine to your crush? Any way I hope you have a great V-day!

Pokemon stamps

2/9/01 From February 1 through 5 the Hong Kong 2001 Stamp Exhibition was held in Japan, with the introduction of the brand new limited edition Pokemon stamp collection. These are the very first Pokemon stamps ever! This collectors set is issued by the nations Martinique, Guyana, Petite, Carriacou, and Grenada. Global rights to the Pokmon stamp collection is owned by Emaimai and the Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation, and will be available publicly at the Hong Kong 2001 Stamp Exhibition. You can also find the stamps on the net , Asia's own stamp and collectibles web-site. I hope they will come out in the US soon.

January 2001

Espeon and Pokemon Crystal

1/18/01 - 2/8/01 Over the past three weeks I've been setting up a Pokemon Crystal section, and it's awesome! With loads of info and more to come this is the best place to keep track of this new upcoming Pokemon game.

1/17/01 The Lycos Top 50 Search Results are in for this week and Pokemon has fallen from number 7 to number 11. I wonder if Pokemon will ever make it back to number 1? Here are the results,

1. Dragonball
2. Britney Spears
3. Napster
4. IT/Ginger
5. Martin Luther King, Jr.
6. NFL
7. U.S. Postal Service
8. Las Vegas
9. Tattoos
10. Dean Kamen
11. Pokemon
12. Final Fantasy
13. Temptation Island
14. The IRS
15. WWF

Pokemon School Video

1/16/01 Pokemon might be banned in most school's in the US, but in Japan it's the exact opposite. Nintendo has produced a Pokemon video for schools in Japan. Teachers have found out that Pokemon actually helps kids learn! Maybe Nintendo will relese the video here in the US.

1/15/01 Pokemon on Cartoon Network? Is this just a dream, in LA it's a reality! Cartoon Network of LA, is currently showing Pokemon episodes, and if the show dose well enough there are plans to show it all across the nation. Finnily there will be a show on Cartoon Network good enough to match DBZ!

Dark Arbok promo

1/14/01 In celebration the Chinese New Year (Year of the Snake)the Pokemon League members in Asia vere gevin the chance to get this ultra rare Dark Arbok promo at at any participating Pokemon Trading Card Game League store! This awesome promo will only be relaced from January 20 through February 3, 2001 in Asia. I wonder if we'll get a New Year promo here in the US?

Pokemon Advance

1/13/01 Awesome news today, there's goning to be a new Pokemon game for the new handheld system Game Boy Advance! According to the January edition of Nihon Keizai Shinbun (a magazine sold in Japan) the game is set to be launched in 2002, and is titled Pokemon Advance. The new
Pokemon game is going to use the new Matsushitsa SD-RAM memory card which will allow it to interact with a Gamecube Pokmon game! The Game Boy Advance will probily act as a controler for the Gamecube, but with your own personal screen of the game on your Game Boy Advance.

1/13/01 Today I added a Lycos search engine at the bottom of the page.

1/12/01 Here are the latest results of the Lycos Top 50 search results. Pokemon went up one space and Drangonball is finnily number 1. Hopfuly Pokemon will go up to number 1 soon!

1. Dragonball
2. Britney Spears
3. Napster
4. New Year
5. U.S. Postal Service
6. Pokemon
7. Final Fantasy
8. Las Vegas
9. The IRS
10. NFL

Pokemon Neo 3

1/11/01 Pokemon Neo 3! We knew it would happen but not exactily when. Now in Japan you can bye Pokemon Neo 3, the newest addation to the Pokemon TCG library! Hopfuly it will come out soon in the US.

New Johto Journeys episode

1/10/01 Above is a pic of a Johto Journeys Episode, that will be called Land that Meets the Eye, it has something to do with "Pokemon the First Movie" and I think it might have something to do with the 3rd movie to. It's suppose to be a episode all most as long as a movie. We'll just have to wait and see what this episode is really like!

1/9/01. According to Billboard magazine and, "Pokemon 2000 is the US second most popular video. I hope it will move up to number 1 because I saw it and thought it was a great movie! Below are the top 10 videos out:

1. "Mary-Kate & Ashley: Our Lips Are Sealed," Dualstar Video.

2. "Pokemon: The Movie 2000," Warner Home Video.

3. "Fantasia 2000," Walt Disney Home Video.

4. "Mary-Kate & Ashley: Schooldance Party," Dualstar Video.

5. "Veggie Tales: King George and the Ducky," Big Idea.

6. "How The Grinch Stole Christmas," Warner Family Entertainment.

7. "Thomas And The Magic Railroad," Columbia TriStar Home Video.

8. "The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea," Walt Disney Home Video.

9. "The Powerpuff Girls: Birthday Bash," Warner Home Video.

10. "The Powerpuff Girls: Dream Scheme," Warner Home Video.

1/8/01 Pokemon Crystal has sold over 1 million copies, sence December 23rd when it came out in Japan. I can't weight to see how it dose in the US

1/7/01 These are the latest results of the Lycos Top 50 search results and they are:

1 Dragonball
2 Britney Spears
3 Napster
4 New Year
5 U.S. Postal Service
6 Pokemon
7 Final Fantasy
8 Las Vegas
9 The IRS
10 NFL

Totally Pokemon CD

1/6/01 Heres a pic. of the new Pokemon TV Series CD. I can't wait to bye it and try it out. It looks good to me!

Pokemon League season 2

1/5/01 Now theres an new an improved Pokemon TCG League! I going to join, how about you?

Celebi New Year promo

1/4/01 Isn't this just an awesome Pokemon card! ^ Just look at it! In Japan, New Years Day is the biggest holiday of the year, and every New Year most Japanese get nengajo, or New Years postcards in the mail early New Year's morning. Most people get 12 postcards or more. Some families even get up to 100 postcards, and sometimes even more! This year the Pokemon Card Fan Club of Japan sent a Pokemon card to all it's members. The back looked like a postcard while the font looked like a Pokemon Card! This card is great, it even has Snorlax in it. This card was (unoffically)named the New Century Celebi promo!

The 4th Pokemon Movie

1/3/00 Is there a 4th Pokemon movie? Well heres the movie poster stright from Japan! ^

1/2/01 A Zelda web-site is on the way! Instead of making a Zelda section on this site I'll make an all Zelda, all the time site!

Happy New Year!

1/01/01 Happy new year * 2001!! * Ya! Finnily a night when you get to stay up the whole time!

December 2000

12/21/00 Sorry once again I haven't updated lately. I had semester exams in all my classes and I had to studdy.

12/2/00 Sorry I haven't updated lately, I was spending time with my family. More updates are on the way for Christmas!!

November 2000

11/21/00 The top three selling video games are:
1. Pokemon Silver
2. Pokemon Gold
3. Majora's Mask

11/20/00 What's Pokemon Crystal? Well Pokemon Crystal is a brand new Pokemon game that will be doubting in Japan someime soon. This is a new type of GameBoy game, that's played over the wireless internet using Mobile Adaptor GB. You plug the adaptor into your GameBoy and your cell phone, so you can now have a Pokemon battle accross the internet.

Pokemon Stadium GS

11/19/00 Pokemon Stadium G/S is going to be coming out in the US! Have you ever wondered what Ho-oh would look like in reall life, well here's your chance to find out!Yes that's right, finally we'll get to see all of the new Pokemon in 3D!

11/18/00 Today I just saw a preview of Pokemon 3, the movie, and it looks awesome! It's about all of the unkown Pokemon. In Japan it was named Lord of the Unkown Tower.

Pikachu N64

11/17/00 Heres a pic. of the new Pikachu N64! Doesn't it look cool? To turn it on you have to use the Poke'ball switch. To restart your game you have to press his foot. Plus his cheeks light up when your N64's on!

11/16/00 Today I added a Hay you, Pikachu! section! Check it out!

11/15/00 Today I added a feedback button so I'll know what you think of the site. On Saturday, November 18 the Pokemon TCG league is having a Super Trainer Showdown, to find out who's the top Pokemon TCG player.

Neo Genesis

11/14/00 Finnaly Neo (Pokemon TCG) cards will come out in the US! The new deck comes with new rules for the whole Pokemon Leage. There are also two new energy types, steel and dark. Offically called Neo Genesis this new deck will change the Pokemon TCG as we know it! This is the first out of three Neo decks, with over 60 new Pokemon.

11/13/00 I added a poll at the bottom of this page!

11/12/00 Gym Chalange just came out (a deck for Pokemon TCG), and Hay you Pikachu is now on sale!

11/11/00 Pokemon 2000 (The Power of One) will soon be out on video! Now you can watch it again and again!

11/11/00 The Grand Opening of Snorlaxative!